What are we doing?

BPA(Bitcoin Pizza) combines DAG (directed acyclic graph) technology with bitcoin, that is daglized Bitcoin. Howerver, there’s no way to create a DAG supported blockchain directly by forking Bitcoin because actually there’s no blocks in a dag blockchain. So we find a novel solution in which forking is just the first step and then there will be a way to exchange to the real DAG supported blockchain at the ratio of 1:1,000,000,000.

  • Transactions in DAG blockchain can be confirmed very fast for the blockless structure. There’s no need to wait for miners when a transaction is generated.

  • DAG is quite friendly to small payments. Transation is independent on miner's choice. Users only need to pay a very low exchange fee.

  • In a DAG supported blokchain, the process of confirmation will be faster with more transactions. We will enage a huge amount of bitcoin users to DAG blockchain, along with a mature bitcoin ecosystem including exchangers and wallets.

About us

BPA(Bitcoin Pizza) team consists of investors, entrepreneurs and developers from all over the world, who are experienced and professional in blockchain area.

  • Lumine


  • Charles Chen


  • leehom


  • Kevin Sun


  • Robin Yao


  • Daren Yuen


  • DeFu Lee


  • Peter Lyu


  • mysterious developer


Our Mission

With a huge technical potential, the value of DAG is gradually recognized by peers. As the most successful dag project, IOTA is ranked fourth in market cap. But it is not as good as BCH, another project forking from bitcoin. Therefore, our dag supported blockchain would be the most widely used one with the highest market cap, which will make bitcoin great again.

Our plan

  • N0.1

    The fork will be excuted at the height of 501888 in UTC+8 with the new name BPA, and the ratio of btc to bpa is 1 : 1.

  • N0.2

    Meanwile, we will develop a fully pre-mined DAG BPA blockchain. When the DAG BPA is mature, the users could exchange BPA to DAG BPA with the ratio of 1 : 1,000,000,000.

  • N0.3

    We will persuade exchangers to update BPA/BTC to DAG BPA/BTC.


  • 01/Is there any mature dag blockchain currently?

    Yes,IOTA and BYTEBALL, which bring huge profits back to investors.

  • 02/What are the risks of DAG technology?

    No technology is 100% perfect. Based on DAG technology, transactions are unbundled into blocks, which makes them confirmed much faster than bitcoin. Howerver, it is not so decentralized with not enough witnesses.

  • Why do you still use DAG with those defects?

    Even though DAG has some disadvantages, we still think there is a lot of potential for development. We believe there will be more coins adapting DAG technology.
    If DAG becomes the underlying technology of next generation blockchains, the bitcoin owners won't miss it, because DAG BPA is a free gift for you now.

  • 04/What is the relationship of BPA and DAG BPA? Are they the same coin?

    According to Buddhism, the relationship of BPA and DAG BPA is like you and you in the mirror.

  • 05/ What is the relationship of BTC&BPA, BTC&DAG BPA? What is I don’t want to exchange BPA?

    There are two key points: 1. Forking the blockchains at height of 501888. BTC owners can get free BPA with the ratio of 1:1. 2. Exchange. After DAG’s main chain is launched, BPA owners could exchange BPA to DAG BPA with the ratio of 1:1,000,000,000.

    The strategy meets features of DAG technology, and birngs BPA better liquidity than bitcoin before exchange.

    For the owners who don’t want to exchange, BPA still could be used, transacted. But we would try to make BPA hard to exchange in platforms. (No limitation to private trading and OTC). Meanwhile, our technicians will ensure BPA could be exchanged to DAG BPA at any time. The same to BPA miners.

    Of course, there could be such a situation which leaves BPA stored and speculated when a good deal of BPA destroyed. We have two solutions for this.

    One is that some part of BPA is retained by our team, and this part could only be exchanged from DAG BPA, so there would be less people to store and speculate BPA.

    The other one is that we never intervene in the market. Only the exchange from BPA to DAG BPA would be supported.

  • 06/What is the total amount combining the BPA and DAG BPA? Is there pre-mining?

    The cap for BPA is 21,210,000 of which 210,000 will be reserved for the developers and community promotion. And the total amount of the DAG BPA is 1010 times as big as that of the BPA which generated from the ratio of 1:1,000,000,000.

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